Leading footwear retail in Bundaberg

At Comfoot Shoes, we have shoes for everyone and every occasion! 

At Comfoot Shoes, we provide you with more than just a pair of shoes; we give your feet the complete service!

When you enter our store, our staff will measure your feet and find out what type of shoes you’re looking for. Our team are renowned for recommending comfortable shoes for work, practical shoes for sports, and stunning shoes for you to enjoy! Stop in at Comfoot Shoes for the best footwear retail in Bundaberg, get your feet fitted and feel fantastic!

Two blue baby shoes

Children's first shoes

We have a great range of kid’s shoes, and our staff can help keep your children on their feet from the moment they start walking! Once your child is walking steadily, bring them into Comfoot Shoes for their first ever fitting! Hard-bottomed shoes are the best start for children who are walking. 

A pair of boys' blue trainers

Support for your child

Because small children’s feet grow rapidly, it is necessary to closely monitor them. Too-tight shoes often go unnoticed by young children, or they are unable to communicate the problem. That’s why at Comfoot Shoes, we have a complimentary children’s feet measuring. We recommend you bring your child in every two to three months for a new fitting.

Sexy black Mary Jane high heel shoes

Shoe fitting

If you’re looking for ladies footwear, you’ll find it at Comfoot Shoes in Bundaberg. We have shoes in all styles, from sports shoes to everyday shoes, and footwear for that special occasion! With a great range of brands and sizes, we have something for every foot. For the best footwear retail in Bundaberg visit Comfoot Shoes.